This file can be used for scripts running at bots or other applications. Using this script gives our site less load because it does not have to load all those pictures.

Therefore we strongly recommend you to use this file instead of letting your scripts crawl and parse the whole site. This file will be kept the same for as long as possible, if we ever change the site again, the idea is to keep this the same to prevent the scripts you guys are using from not working anymore.

The file gives an output on the last 10 releases ordered by date and update number. The information is seperated with ;'s. Any information that is not saved in our databases will just be outputted empty.

Example: date;name;group;section;size;original nfo name;nfo url;site url;review url;
Example: 2003-10-27;Civil Brand (2002) *DVDSCREENER* *LIMITED*;KYD;XviD;50x15MB;cbdvdscr-xvid-kyd.nfo;;;;

To access and use this file/script do not pass any variables in the url: